Services We Provide
Maple-Crete Inc. provides a full range of services from road and sidewalk reparation to snow removal in the winter throughout the GTA.

We provide a full list of services in road construction, paving and winter snow removal. Maple-Crete Inc. has been paving and repairing the way in municipalities and road construction for many years and strives to provide the best qualities for many years to come.

The services we provide are as listed below, and more:
Road Reconstruction
Maple-Crete Inc. has completed many full and partial road reconstruction projects for various municipalities. Our ability to perform all of our own traffic control, excavation and removals, subdrain installation, concrete work and paving allows us to complete these projects efficiently and with minimal disturbance to homeowners and the general public.
Curb and Sidewalk
At Maple-Crete Inc., one of the many projects we takeover are curbs and sidewalks. Maple-Crete Inc. strives to provide the best qualitiy of work you can find.
Sewer Drains
Maple-Crete Inc. is readily prepared with the equipment to properly repair, readjust or installing new sewers and manholes.
Parking Lot Construction & Reconstruction
Maple-Crete Inc.'s expertise in partial and full reconstruction of parking lots is well known throughout the industry. These reconstructions can vary from simply grinding or pulverizing the existing asphalt , re-grading the existing granular base, and re-paving, to the complete removal and reinstatement of curbs, sidewalk, asphalt, gravel & dirt.
Grading & Excavation
Grading is essential to any construction, Maple-Crete Inc. performs its own excavating and grading for any construction projects.
Winter Snow Services
Maple-Crete Inc. has been performing snow clearing and winter maintenance services to municipalities, property management firms, and individual commercial / industrial property owners for many years. We offer our clients a wide range of options in terms of winter maintenance plans as our services include: Snow plowing and clearing, salting, sanding and deicing walkways and pathways, and bulk snow removal off site.
Maple-Crete Inc. has all the tools, equipment, and manpower to fully maintain and complete commercial / industrial projects. Maple-Crete Inc.'s ability to perform paving, concrete, excavating, sewer and watermain, crack sealing, and line painting services in house ensures that quality work and quick responses are just a phone call or email away.